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Minimalism On a Plate
Minimalism On A Plate is a personal project designed to both invoke emotion in the viewer and at the same time present the product in a vague, non aggressive way. Sometimes the most obvious is not so obvious. It’s primary purpose is to create delight, evoke inspiration and present.
Case Study - Product Visualization Insights
My latest Case Study revolves around putting a tangible metric on how we perceive product visualizations. The idea was to try and put some numbers on why creating images with a strategic and more in-depth approach is better than just blindly creating some nice images. Who got to decide which set presented the product better? People on the internet!
In-Vision CGI
In-Vision teamed up with the fabulous Vienna based design agency We Are WILD to revamp their existing web presence. Subsequently, We Are WILD entrusted me with producing numerous Computer Generated Images and three Computer Generated Animations. We worked together on making them fit both on the website as well as other promo material.
Pepe Jeans. This is not a shoe (director’s cut)
This is not a shoe, the new AW17 fashion film that steps inside the style magic of its brogues, boots and sneakers, leaving you mesmerised by the new season.
Leaving an Impression Collection Vol. 1
A substantial collection of works that made a positive impact for the brands and clients I work with. All of the projects in this collections were made Pre-2019. High resolution image alert!
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